History …


Ever since the eve of times ...

Ever since the eve of times, mankind has felt the instinct to leave a trace of its passage using for that a universal symbol of communication, the print of hand...

Those hands paintings, whether positive using a « coating » technique, or negative when made with stencil key sets are considered as the first writing, long before the conventional and linear one was adopted.

The first handprints were left by Paleolithic men and convey a very pregnant and moving testimony of their lives.

The whole cultural and artistic message of the various and past human generations was preserved and transmitted by hand, in literature, music, drawing, sculpture and painting.

Nowadays, a man's hand still holds a similar value, because it intervenes in all aspects of life in an essencial way.

Representing « the tool » par excellence, either directly in a handicraft, or indirectly in a more intellectual profession, the hand is the « subsistence » apparatus of an individual in our moderne societies.

It is also the instrument which is used to carry food to the mouth.

In the same way, our hands are used in many aspects of social life for communication purposes and in a very symbolic way sometimes.

A hand symbolizes and expresses its owner's personality.

It plays a determinant role in our emotional ties no matter how old people are.

Our hands are essential to live and communicate with others.